Hello World!

I’m Manisha and I am currently working as a Research Associate at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (Deakin University) whilst also doing my PhD there too!

My PhD research is in the design of empathetic or considerate reinforcement learning agents. I am fascinated by the idea of having agents behave as we do, particularly in ways that help support them be safe and trustworthy. I am constantly thinking about the implications of my work and those on a similar vein. I would love to learn more deeply about the ethics of machines, and the impacts to laws and regulations as these systems advance and become more prolific. If you’d like a 3-minute introduction to my work there are some videos on the presentations tab you might find helpful.

In my day to day work as a Research Associate, I work alongside experimental scientists and apply Bayesian Optimisation methods to help them optimise their experiments or trials. My involvement has been across fields including mental health, bioprinting and material designs.

Outside of work and PhD-ing, I am learning Japanese!! I love it!! Perhaps it is the engineer in me, but I love seeing the patterns that language has hidden in it, and learning a new language in adulthood is a great way to explore and enjoy that.

I also love the arts (visual arts and theatre) and am an avid op-shopper!